Cable ID Printers





Cable marking is a essential work for the sites of electrical facilities, LAN-wirings, plant constructions and productive facilities. Cable ID printers allow printing on various materials such as tube coverings on cables and label tapes on the cables.

Users Merits !

Best-level-in class printing speed brings high productivityM-1ProV

Best-level-in class printing speed* of 40mm/s (High speed mode of M-1ProV). The high-speed printing feature helps the site worker print characters on a lot of media. In addition, since operation from cable setting to printing start is very simple and easy, M-1 series printer enhance operation efficiency.

*In portable type cable printer 2016/2

Full size Keyboard allows stressful typingM-1ProV/M-1Std.III

Full size keyboard is installed on M-1 series printers in view of the tough circumstances in cable wiring works.

Full size keyboard improves typing work efficiency at work site. (M-1Std.III has gum type keyboard.)

LCD display allows high visibility in dark placeM-1ProV/M-1Std.III

Many of work site may have low lighting.

M-1 series printers install LCD back light display, which has a good level of lighting even in dark place.

LCD display brings workers comfortable environment and reduction of stress.

Flexible printing/cutting systems improve workabilityM-1ProV

Consecutive/Serial Printing

M-1 Series printers can be set to print the same text on every segment (consecutive printing). Just enter the data and the number of segments required, then start the print. Or, M-1 Series printer can be set to print numbers that increment automatically as the segments print (serial printing). No need to do separate entries and printing for each segment !

Automatic Cutting/Full-cut is also possible

Each segment is partially cut automatically as it prints. The segments are easily separated manually after they come out of the printer. The cutting operation for each job can be set for full-cut, half-cut, no cut with marking, or no cut without marking

Various Print Patterns

You can use various print features such as framing, selective character orientation, and underlining in addition to selective character size and pitch.

Print Length Adjustment* (only for M-1 ProV)

The print length can be adjusted in steps of 0.01%. Precise pitch print on a medium requiring high-accuracy printing, such as a marking plate for terminal block, is available.

Correspond to print various materialM-1ProV/M-1Std.III

Marking by normal tag and easy tape is sometimes worn away.

Since M-1 series is developed by thermal transfer printing technology, which has strong light resistance, it can print high quality to tube, tape and label.

Easy and rapid data handling connected by PCM-1ProV

Since M-1ProV has a USB connection, users can handle large amounts of data rapidly and easily between M-1ProV and PC.

M-1ProV native file and CSV file(MS Excel) are supported.In addition, M-1ProV is linked to CAD.

These features improve work productivity

Carry case ; printer is usable without uncasedM-1ProV/M-1Std.III

We developed original carry case which is very easy to carry around to work site. Carry case made of urethane protects printer from dust and scratch.

Printer can be useable uncased from setting to print cable without. Carry case enhances work efficiency as well as easy to carry around.

∗ Carry case is option.