Cable ID Printers

Cable ID Printers
High Productivity Achieved!
Tube printing speed: maximum speed of 40 mm/sec (Mk 2600, in high speed mode)
Cable ID Printers
Capable of Printing Characters on a Variety of Materials!
Enables you to achieve high-quality printing on tubes, tapes, labels and other products.


  • High speed printing at a maximum speed of 40 mm/sec*1
  • Printing on marking strips supported
  • Capable of printing a large amount of data sent from connected computers
  • *1 When in high speed mode


  • Maximum printing speed of 25 mm/sec*1
  • Enabling you to print on a wide range of materials including tubes and label tapes
  • *1 When in high speed mode.

Convenient Features to Improve Work Efficiency

LCD backlight display

Features LCD backlight display that provides excellent visibility in the dark.


Comes equipped with an easy-to-type keyboard that gives you an efficient working experience.

soft printer case

Provides a soft printer case that allows you to perform printing without taking the printer out of it, helping save space (this case is optional).

Flexibly Meeting the Needs at the Work Site


Kanji and Hiragana characters, and symbols can be entered and printed.


Supports repeated printing of the same ID and printing of serial IDs.


A wide variety of ID formats are included.

cutting option

Easy separation of tubes and tapes with the automatic cutting function. Full cut or half cut is selectable as cutting option.

Capable of Printing a Large Amount of Data Sent From Connected Computers

Capable of Printing

A computer connection kit is included, allowing for printing directly from a computer.
This contributes to reduction of working time at the site. (Mk2600)