Office Machine Peripherals
Paper-Handling Technology

Office Multifunction Machines
Paper Supply/Output Units for Production Printers
We provide a broad range of paper supply/output units to meet the needs of handling various sheets used in production and industrial printers.
Office Multifunction Machines
Paper Supply/Output Units for Office Multifunction Machines
We provide paper supply and output units with quietness and small footprints, helping improve work efficiency in office and, at the same time, maintain comfortable work environment.

Paper Deck Products

Paper Decks

  • Paper supply unit capable of feeding a large volume of paper
  • Supports feeding of a large volume of special paper, long paper and envelopes
  • Different types available, such as multi drawer, single drawer and long sheet feeding
Supports a large volume of paper sheets
2,500 to 6,000 sheets
Supports long paper
Up to 762mm (30inches) (Long Sheet Feeder)
Supports envelopes
Feeding of envelopes supported (special attachment needed)

Post Processing Units: Finishers

  • Automates a variety of post processing tasks in a consistent manner
  • Various types available for production and office use
Supports a large volume of paper sheets
500 to 5,000 sheets*
Sorting, Stapling, Staple-free stapling*, Saddle Stitch binding*, Punching*
  • * Some functions are not supported by some models. Also, some functions may need optional accessories depending on the model.

Post Processing Units: Extended Options

Perfect Binder

Perfect Binder

  • Compact bookbinding machine that can consistently perform gluing and three-way cutting
High quality perfect binding
Document Insertion Unit/2 bins

Document Insertion Units

  • Automatically inserts cover sheets or middle sheets made of color paper, thick paper or tab paper, producing high-quality printed materials efficiently.
Insertion of cover and middle sheets
Paper Folding Unit (supports five types of folds)

Paper Folding Units

  • Produces a variety of folded printed materials in a consistent manner.
Half fold, Z fold, C fold, Letter fold out, Double parallel fold

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Responding to our customers' needs, we have been providing a wide range of paper handling and finishing peripherals that support various printers. Please feel free to contact us as indicated below.