Cable ID Printers


Technology behind the printer

Main features of cable ID printers

Supports a variety of print media


Various media such as PVC and heat shrink tubes, flat tubes, label tape, and terminal name plates can be printed by using optional attachments, including cleaners and special cassettes. The MK5000/MK3000 models support larger tube diameters compared with previous models. PVC and heat-shrink tubes with diameters ranging from 1.5 mm to 10 mm can be printed to meet a wide range of needs. In addition, auto-cut function provides full cutting of media, while half cutting can also be selected to prevent labels and tubes from breaking into small pieces. When an auto-cut mode is not selected, cut lines can be printed.
MK5000 now supports the *Terminal name plate full cutting.

  • * The cutter may need to be replaced due to wear and tear.

Achieving high productivity and further improving usability


Productivity has been improved significantly by high-speed printing of up to 20mm x 55pcs*1 per minute for MK5000 and 320mm x 5pcs*1 per minute for the MK3000. New and improved features to support on-site work are now available. Automatic tube feeding as well as character size and position adjustment in 0.1-mm increments are newly supported. The MK5000 supports up to 4 digits and MK3000 supports up to 3 digits of automatic serial number printing. In addition to improved basic performance, the MK5000 enables shared printing via simultaneous connection*2 to a computer. By connecting up to three printers, mass printing can be realized.

  • *1Print up to 5 characters on a tube 20mm length with half cutting.
  • *2Requires installation of a printer driver and software.

Rechargeable batteries are now available for operation in locations without a power outlet

Rechargeable batteries are now available for operation in locations without a power outlet

The MK5000 and MK3000 feature an easy-to-carry handle design, and they also can be powered by the rechargeable batteries*1 in addition to a conventional AC power supply.
20mm x 1000pcs can be printed with rechargeable batteries, making it possible to print in locations without a power outlet.*2
The optional tube warmer, which prevents the tube from hardening at low temperatures, now draws power from the printer itself and so can be used without an AC power source.

  • *1Requires 6 AA rechargeable batteries (Panasonic eneloop)
  • *2Continuous printing: 20-mm pitch without tube warmer

● "Panasonic" and "eneloop" are registered trademark of Panasonic Group.

Easy-to-use ink ribbon cassette

ribbon cassette

The MK5000 and MK3000 use a 150-meter-long ink ribbon, thereby reducing the frequency of ink ribbon cassette replacement. There is no need to remove the tube or media from the printer when replacing the ink ribbon cassette.