Canon Finetech Nisca Technology

Since 1923, Canon Finetech Nisca has devoted much time and energy to R&D and production in various fields, including office equipment and peripherals, printers, and chemical products. We offer products with a variety of automatic professional outputs. Here, we introduce the technologies that make our products possible.

In the office equipment field, our expertise comprises three core technologies—alignment technology, stapling technology, and folding technology—which enable us to produce advanced space-saving, low-cost, high-production, high-quality paper handling equipment and peripherals.

In the printer field, we offer products with high print quality and high productivity that satisfy the diverse needs of customers by combining three technologies: high-speed printing, high-quality printing, and transportation of various print media.
As we move forward, our tireless efforts will realize new technologies that meet our customers’ needs, always keeping our customers first in mind.