Product & Technology

In 1924, we at Canon Finetech Nisca manufactured a large-scale blueprint machine for the first time in Japan. Since then, we have been involved in the production of various products in many fields, including office machines, office machine peripherals, printing systems (inkjet printing method and thermal printing method) and chemical products.

More specifically, we have developed our unique peripherals for monochrome digital multifunction machines by utilizing electrophotographic technology. Other peripherals include automatic booking machines (perfect binders) with a three-side book trimming feature, ADFs (auto document feeders) and finishers.

We also have been producing label printers and card printers that use inkjet and thermal technologies. In addition, we have worked extensively on the development of the OPC (organic photoconductor) and ink materials that are indispensable for the operation of multifunction machines and inkjet printing systems. We will continue to lead the industry by taking full advantage of the technology and experience that we gained over many years and by supplying our original products that we developed through innovation.

Printers (Inkjet Printing Method)

Print Systems - Inkjet Printing Methods
Print Systems - Thermal Printing Methods

Printers (Thermal Printing Method)