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Canon Finetech Nisca produced the first made-in-Japan wide-format blueprint machine (diazo copier) in 1924. Since then, we have been supplying high-quality products such as office equipment and peripherals as well as inkjet and thermal printers worldwide. This video introduces the company’s technologies, which have been cultivated over many years.


Introducing Finishing Functions 2'00''

This section describes typical finishing functions such as Staple-free stapling, Staple on Demand, and booklet-making.

Introducing Paper-folding Functions 1'22''

This section describes typical paper-folding functions such as C-folding and Z-folding.


Buffer Technology
-High productivity for print postprocessing- 1'28''

Adopts buffer technology that maintains productivity in a narrow space.

Registration Technology
-Highly precise hole-punch positioning- 1'25''

Adopts registration technology to correct side misalignment and skew of the paper.

Sorting Technology
-Sorting neatly- 1'22''

Adopts two sorting technologies that achieve a "compact design" and "high capacity stacking".

Alignment Technology
-A neat finish for postprocessing- 1'30''

Adopts alignment technology to achieve a neat finish when stapling.

Staple-free stapling technology
-Binds paper without using staples- 1'08''

This video introduces Staple-free stapling function of the Inner Finisher.