Plate & Sheet Printers

Plate&Sheet Printers
Maximum Printing Speed Of 60 mm/sec*
* When in speed priority mode (for both plates and sheets).
Plate&Sheet Printers
Printing Beautifully on Various Materials of Various Sizes
Allowing you to specify the size of characters depending on the size of materials
Capable of printing on thick materials such as hard plates
Plate&Sheet Printers
Easy Way of Making Printed Sheets and Plates for Anyone
Enabling you to print an image you created in Microsoft Word, Excel or other programs, and create printed sheets or plates easily


  • High speed printing at a maximum speed of 60 mm/sec (when in speed priority mode)
  • A wide range of print materials supported

Various Sizes and Various Materials Supported

The size of printed output can be flexibly specified according to the purpose.

  • * The holder attachment for the old models of Plate & Sheet Printer (M350, Mark300) does not support printing on apron nameplates, snap nameplates, switch nameplates, and strip nameplates.
  • * When using the materials that you used in the old models of Plate & Sheet Printer (M350, Mark300) in M350, it is recommended to run a test print beforehand.For details, please contact your dealer or sales representative, or contact us using our inquiry form.
Sheet Roll and Hard Plate

Dimensions and Printable Areas of Sheet Roll and Hard Plate

Automatic Maintenance

The built-in automatic cleaner automatically cleans the cleaning roller that removes the dirt and dust on the plate.